Saturday, November 10, 2012

Installing Google Chrome in Backtrack 5

As many of you have noticed Google Chrome doesn't come installed in Backtrack 5.
So, in this post we will learn how to install it.
The installation was made in Backtrack 5 R3.

Step 1

Open a new command session and type:

apt-get install chromium-browser

Step 2

Access the chrome browser directory:

cd /usr/lib/chromium-browser

Step 3

Type the following command to edit the hex-code of chromium-browser:

hexedit chromium-browser

Step 4

-> Press TAB
-> Search (CTRL+S) for geteuid and change it for getppid
-> Press CTRL+X to save, say Yes(Y)

You have finished Google Chrome Browser installation successfully.
To access it go:

Applications --> Internet --> Chromium Web Browser

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