Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fix Blank Screen when using Startx

When Backtrack 5 was released, the most common issue was blank screen when using "startx" command to start the GUI mode. This common issue is caused by the unsupport drivers of VGA on some machines. This blank screen issue is still found on Backtrack 5 R1,R2 and recently  Backtrack R3.
When I install Backtrack 5 R3 I came across this problem, but managed to find a fix:
What we need to do is add some code to the Grub file.
If you're using a live CD or live USB you will come across with the below menu, and there you should select the "Default Boot Text Mode" and press "Tab".
You should then, add the following code "i915.modeset=1" to the grub editor after the "vga = 791 splash text" and then press[enter].as

If after installing Backtrack the problem persist you should then edit the Grub configuration file located in /etc/default/grub
Find the line that says:


and add the same code "i915.modeset=1" after the "vga = 791 splash text".

After it issue:

update-grub and fix-splash commands.

It should be working properly now.
If not, check my next two Fix's.

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